About Josh

My IBD Journey

My name is Josh Cavallo, I’m a certified online personal trainer, certified sports nutrition specialist, member of the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) and a Crohn’s & Colitis Australia advocate

During my very first bodybuilding competition preparation, I was struck with severe abdominal cramping and nausea, and suddenly one day I found myself being rushed to hospital. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. My life had taken a turn which I certainly was not expecting… I lost over 15kg in hospital and had taken two full years to recover and re-learn my body, I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim in this situation. The journey towards relearning my body began, with a primary goal of conquering the disease and returning to the stage of competitive bodybuilding.

Five years later, with endless amounts of research and study into sports nutrition and gut health, I had proved my doctors wrong and I now manage my disease through nutrition and a new-found lifestyle. With proper nutrition and training/recovery techniques, I found a system that not only transformed my life but also countless friends and family members. This was the turning point where I knew I needed to help others in similar situations to mine, lead healthy, active and happy lifestyles. Needless to say, from this personal journey my online transformation programs were born.

As an online personal trainer, my services are carefully designed to offer a sustainable solution for achieving your fitness goals in a way that works best for you. Your success is my success, and I strive to be an integral part of your health journey!

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what situation you are in, you can transform your body and life with my programs. The journey isn’t always easy, it requires discipline, patience, focus and commitment but you’re here now and the challenge is ready – let’s get started!


For an online personal trainer who is invested in your success and results, look no further than Josh Cavallo. To find out more about the JCF training programs, please be sure to contact Josh at info@joshcavallo.com.