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  • Contest Prep
        • Exclusive MHS & JCF Members App / System
        • Weekly Macro / Calorie Nutrition Review
        • 6-8 Week Hypertrophy / Strength Phase Programming
        • Weekly Progress Analysis Reporting/Feedback
        • JCF Sponsorship Opportunities

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The Contest Prep Program is designed for athletes or anyone who wants to learn and train at an advanced level. As a globally recognized online coach, certified sports nutrition specialist and member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, I have designed this program to allow for extra preparation, revision and techniques to achieve the most efficient and optimal results. 

My approach to advanced training techniques for athletes involves flexibility and improving your inner health throughout each training phase. All training techniques and nutrition/supplement guidance is based on proven research from scientific literature.


  • Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness model – Comp Preparation
  • Athletes or Sporting Professionals Training / Nutrition Guidance
  • Accelerated Fat loss & Muscle gain
  • Advanced Training Techniques
  • Advanced Nutrition / Supplementation Guidance
  • Body recomposition
  • In-depth Guidance & Goal Setting

What  you receive

Exclusive MHS Portal & JCF Members App/System

The JCF members’ app will allow you to access your assigned training program, messaging system, progress updates, nutritional feature, results tracker and weekly measurement. Advanced training members also have exclusive access to the MHS sports nutrition portal for accessing your nutrition plan. In your program, each exercise will have in-depth instructions and video demonstrations to ensure the proper technique is being utilized.

Weekly Progress Analysis Reporting/Feedback

Advanced training members will have a weekly performance review for identifying any weak areas that may require additional focus or training volume changes. Each week a time will also be scheduled to give feedback regarding progress. Weekly progress will be documented for reviewing patterns with body composition changes and conditioning throughout the program.

Hypertrophy/Strength Phase Programming

Depending on current goals, the program will be designed to get the maximum amount of results from each training phase, normally each phase will run for 6-8 week periods. Advanced exercise techniques will be incorporated into each specific training phase for optimal results. The training phase and duration will be targeted towards, recomposition, fat loss or muscle gain.

Weekly Macro/Calorie Nutrition Review

Each week, your allocated macro-nutrients and calories will be reviewed and modified, if necessary.  Advanced training athletes will have access to the MHS sports nutrition portal, which will have in-depth details on calories and macro-nutrient targets. Depending on specific goals, allocated re-feed days, diet breaks and cheat meals will all be allowed within context in each program.

JCF Sponsorship Opportunities

Advanced training athletes who are competing in a bodybuilding federation and place 1st in any division of a competition will automatically receive an offer for JCF sponsorship. Being a JCF sponsored athlete allows many benefits including supplement discounting with JCF affiliates, promotion opportunities through all JCF social media platforms and 50% off any future advanced training / competition preparation.


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