Is keto the best way to drop body fat?

There certainly are many different diets around these days and the similarity which links them all together is that they all require you to be in a “caloric deficit” to achieve fat loss. When it comes to keto or “ketogenic” diets the aim is to keep protein moderate, fats high and drop your carbohydrates very low we are talking (20-100g) per day, this results in your body entering a state called “ketosis”. Without going into too much detail your body will utilise fat as energy instead of carbohydrates with the breakdown of fats into fatty acids with ketones being produced for providing energy!

I’ve personally had great results in the past from keto based diets and I’ve also had great success with high carbs based diets for dropping body fat. The big difference I noticed was my training performance lacked with keto. Our bodies preferred primary fuel source is carbohydrates and if you are performing high intensity, strength/hypertrophy training I would recommend not going keto, however if your goal is to only drop body fat and you prefer to eat low carb then keto might be for you, it really is personal preference!

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