Advanced Training / Comp Prep Program

Advanced Training / Comp Prep Program




The Advanced Training / Comp Prep program is designed for athletes or anyone who wants to learn and train at an advanced level. As a globally recognized online coach, certified sports nutrition specialist and member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition I designed this program to allow for extra preparation, revision and techniques to achieve the most efficient and optimal results.


Advanced Training / Comp Prep Program Includes:

  • Exclusive MHS & JCF Members App / System
  • Weekly Macro / Calorie Nutrition Review
  • Weekly Hypertrophy / Strength Phase Programming
  • Weekly Progress Analysis Reporting/Feedback
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • JCF Sponsorship Opportunities


Once you have purchased the program you will receive a confirmation email from Josh for collecting all the details required to create your personalized program.

Still have questions? Send an enquiry here and we will be in touch!


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