How to deal with emotional eating!

Emotional eating is a way we use food for our emotional needs rather than to satisfy our hunger. The very first thing you need to do is identify the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger, for instance you’re in a stressful situation & all you can think about is eating pizza and ice cream (let’s be honest we’ve all been there) and forgetting about everything including your body composition goals.

That’s a huge sign stress is a trigger for you, other triggers could be boredom or social type influences.  So what are some alternatives to emotional eating?

  • You can find an activity this could be exercise or a type of class
  • Talk with a friend/family member
  • Try relaxation/meditation techniques

Remember there is a time and a place for a scheduled “diet break” or “cheat meal” (I include them for all my clients) which have amazing benefits when structured into a properly planned nutrition program, if you find emotional eating is happening on a regular basis it’s time to identify those triggers and find a solution which really fits with your lifestyle. The answer to emotional eating isn’t the same for everyone.

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