Can my meal plan be customized with only foods I like?

Once you have submitted payment and completed the JCF Questionnaire, a personalized nutrition plan will be made only with foods choices you prefer, all plans take into account food sensitivities, caloric intake requirements and your correct macro-nutrient ratio with a focus on your specific body composition goals.

Does it matter where I am located to sign up?

Absolutely not, the my programs have members all over the world from Europe, South America, Asia and the headquarters hosted in Brisbane, Australia. All you need is an internet connection and either a smart phone or computer to utilize all aspects of my programs.

Do the programs require a gym membership?

If you are an athlete on a contest prep program, it’s highly recommended you have access to a gym or similar training facility. However the great thing about my online transformation program is that you can choose where you prefer training, whether it’s outdoors, in a gym/studio or even at home doing body weight type exercises. After submitting payment, the JCF Questionnaire will have questions regarding training preferences and which equipment you have access.

How does support work on the JCF programs?

Once your program has been setup and you’ve registered on the JCF system you will have access to the messaging service inside the JCF App or you can contact me anytime via email at I’m also very active on social media and can be contacted from any JCF social media platform at any time.

How do I pay for a program and what are the payment options?

The payment options are credit card or pay-pal depending if you are on a contest prep or online transformation program. PayPal and Stripe (subscription) are both highly encrypted with security to ensure all payment information is kept safe, if for some reason you have any problems with a payment or you have any questions please email us here

What happens after I have purchased a program?

Once you have made the purchase you will be sent a confirmation email and link to complete the JCF Questionnaire, once this is submitted your program will be setup within 2-3 working days.

What are the details for the subscription/membership?

All programs have the option to pay for the total amount upfront for the entire duration which you would receive a significant discount. Otherwise a weekly subscription payment will be made through Credit Card (Stripe).

Do you have a refund policy?

As my online training programs have had such a high success rate we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase for your initial payment period if you follow the program exact and receive no results.

What if I get sick or injured on a program?

Josh Cavallo Fitness programs are designed to give you full training instructions with video demonstrations. It’s important to note Josh Cavallo is not a medical doctor and you should always consult medical advice before starting any meal/training program. Josh Cavallo Fitness programs are not designed to treat or diagnose any health conditions, Josh Cavallo Fitness terms of use and legal disclaimer can be found here.

Will I have different food choices with my meals?

Absolutely, you will have different macro-nutrient options each day, the only food options you will have are from the food choices you made during the initial questionnaire & sign up process. If there are any changes you require we will adjust the plan as needed throughout the program.